Bradley Madsen is a highly successful teacher. Having run a private studio for over 10 years, and having taught for the NYC Department of Education for 5 years, Bradley has a deep understanding of how to teach students of all ages.

As a private lesson teacher, Bradley encourages a focus on the fundamentals of playing brass instruments, while concurrently studying whatever music the student has an interest in. This approach allows for the fastest development of a students abilities both as a technician and as a musician.

In the classroom, Bradley quickly determines what kind of program will best suit the student body he is teaching, and then focuses on those skills in order to create a successful performing program. His number one goal is to have all students enrolled in his groups performing on stage at some point during his tenure.

As a clinician, Bradley will work closely with the classroom teacher and administration to develop a master class structure that focuses on whatever subject he is being asked to cover.

Bradley is able to teach a wide variety of subjects, ranging from proper embochure and breathing technique to advanced improvisational concepts. For further information regarding lessons and master classes, please contact him at lessons@bradleymadsen.com, or 917-648-1486.

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